Intermediate Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs, 2nd ed

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Författare: R. Bleaney M0RBK, G. Smart M1GEO & D. Mills G7UVW
Utgiven: 2022
Antal sidor: 84
Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
Förlag: RSGB
Utgivare: RSGB

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Fully revised, reordered and updated this is the latest book for those studying for their Intermediate Amateur radio licence. The Intermediate Licence Manual contains all of the information required for those seeking to upgrade their Foundation callsign.

Designed to cover all elements of the Amateur Radio Intermediate licence syllabus, this second RSGB course-book The Intermediate Licence Manual is written in an easy to understand style. Broken down into familiar chapters such as Licence Conditions, Basic Electronics, Transmitters & Receivers and Antennas. This book contains the theory that is needed and there is plenty of helpful advice, including important safety tips and how best to approach the exam.

Simply put The Intermediate Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs is THE book for those working to pass the Amateur Radio Intermediate Licence examination.

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