Full Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs, 2nd ed

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Författare:by Alan Betts, G0HIQ
Utgiven: 2022
Antal sidor: 104
Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
Förlag: RSGB
Utgivare: RSGB

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This book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence. In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure The Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate and Foundation Licence Manuals.

Fully revised to reflect all the recent syllabus changes the Full Licence Manual contains all of the information required to move to the final stage of UK amateur radio licensing. This book is broken down into logical sections each written to match the Full licence syllabus. Licence conditions are covered in detail as are operating techniques and amateur radio safety. As you would expect, there are sections covering technical matters such as circuits, semi-conductors and more. The Transmitter and Receiver are covered in detail along with the material required for understanding the Software Defined Radio section of the syllabus. Feeders, Antennas and Propagation all get chapters of their own, as do Electromagnetic Compatibility and Measurements, All this means that the Full Licence Manual is the ideal companion to a formal training course. The book is also a useful reference source and many amateurs will find themselves referring to it long after they have passed their examination.

The Full Licence Manual is for everyone progressing to the Full licence from The Intermediate Licence and is the best route to success in the examination.

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