Restoring Old Radio Sets

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Författare: Philip Lawson, G4FCL
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Bindning: Pocket
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ISBN: 9781-9101-9322-8

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For many there is nothing more charming than an old broadcast receiver glowing away in a substantial wooden or Bakelite case. However these are now a rarity and it is much more likely that old radio sets will be non-working curios found at car boot sale in a dusty, unloved condition. Restoring Old Radio Set is a book that sets out to provide a step-by-step guide to bringing an old set back to life, getting it working properly, and restoring its looks.

Restoring Old Radio Sets is a practical guide that explains what you need to do, and how to do it when bringing an old radio back to life. You will find inside topics that include cleaning methods for electrical and mechanical parts, making typical electrical repairs and the process for performing live tests. There are sections on fault-finding methods and alignment & calibration of the working set. There are even useful guides to one of the major keys to completing a successful restoration – knowing how to treat the cabinet, be that – wood, Bakelite, or plastic. The tools, materials, and techniques needed for your restoration are all discussed along with the care and maintenance of the finished item. Safety issues are not forgotten and the hazards inherent in such a restoration are discussed and what can be done minimize them, are covered in depth.

Restoring Old Radio Sets provides a fascinating insight into the world of the radio set restoration, usually the preserve of dedicated enthusiasts and specialist restorers. This book is one of the few available on this topic that is aimed at someone with a basic knowledge of electronics but wishes restore an old set. The author Philip Lawson, G4FCL gives you the benefit of his knowledge, skills, and experience to help you undertake the job within a safe environment. Armed with this book, the reader should be able to tackle an old set, get it working safely and finish-up with a really attractive piece of domestic furniture.

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