The NanoVNAs explained

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Författare: Mike Richards, G4WNC
Utgiven: 2022
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Vector Network Analysers (VNAs) have traditionally been out of reach for most radio amateurs because of cost but the introduction of low cost NanoVNAs has changed this. VNAs are incredibly useful in measuring antennas but they do much more too. However, getting the most out of these devices is not as easy it could be and that is where NanoVNAs Explained – A practical guide to Nano Vector Network Analysers is designed to help.

Broken into two parts Nano VNAs Explained is designed to bring you the basics of the use of a VNA and then extend that knowledge to get much more from these handy devices. Part One introduces you to many of the essential elements such as Smith charts, S parameters, Calibration, etc. whilst avoiding using the associated complex maths. Computer control is available for the NanoVNA and you will find a section on how to make the most of the available software. Alongside these ‘how to guides’ Mike has also provided an analysis of the different NanoVNA hardware models, and details about updating their firmware. Part Two is packed with practical examples of a wide range of VNA-based measurements. In addition to a section on Antennas you will find guides to ATU settings, Feeder loss, Resonant stubs, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), RF switches and relays, Passive filters, Active filters and amplifiers, Attenuators, Directional couplers, RF taps, Common mode chokes, Baluns, Ununs, Splitter/combiners, Crystals and Cable checkers. All use detailed illustrations, combined with step-by-step guides to each measurement type, to increase your chances of achieving accurate results.

Nano VNAs Explained is intended for new users and those who make occasional use of their NanoVNA. If you are considering buying a NanoVNA or already own one this book will ensure that you get the most from these incredibly useful devices.

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