HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio

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Dipole Antennas You Can Build!
ARRL’s HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio is a collection of 20 HF dipole antenna designs published in QST, ARRL’s membership journal, between 2000 and 2017. It includes innovative antenna projects for single- and multiband antennas, as well as antennas for portable applications.

Portable Antennas:
An Easy-to-Make Three-Band Dipole for ARRL Field Day
A Field-Portable Multi-Band Rotatable Dipole Antenna
A Small, Portable Dipole for Field Use
A Portable Twin-Lead 20-Meter Dipole
The NJQRP Squirt

Multiband Antennas:

  • A Shortened 60 Meter Dipole That Also Covers 15 Meters
  • A Compact Multiband Dipole
  • A Folded Skeleton Sleeve Dipole for 40 and 20 Meters
  • A Fan Dipole for 80 through 6 Meters
  • A No Compromise Off-Center Fed Dipole for Four Bands
  • Six Band Loaded Dipole Antenna
  • The Classic Multiband Dipole
  • A Dipole Curtain for 15 and 10 Meters
  • K8SYL’s 75 and 10-Meter Dipole
  • The N4GG Array

Single-Band Antennas:

  • A Lightweight Rotary Dipole for 40 Meters
  • The WØIH Tunable 80 Meter Dipole
  • A Coaxial Cable Vertical Dipole Antenna
  • A Wideband Dipole for 75 and 80 Meters
  • The K4VX Linear-Loaded Dipole for 7 MHz

Bonus Section! Off-Center-Fed Dipoles — Theory and Practice
Special bonus section by Jackson R. Richter, WBØUSA, features a thorough discussion about how these popular multiband antennas function. Includes several antenna projects you can build yourself!

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