An Introduction to Antenna Modeling

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Leverantör: RSGB
Författare: Steve Nichols, G0KYA
ISBN-13: 9781-9101-9300-6
Bokbinderi: Sadelhätfning
Publiceringsdatum: 2014
Förläggare: RSGB
Sidantal: 80
Språk: Engelska

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Building antennas can be hard work. After you determine what you want to build, you have to source the appropriate materials, measure everything carefully and spend hours putting it all together. The impact of computer based modeling has changed all this. An Introduction to Antenna Modeling provides an easy way to design and test your antennas without ever lifting a saw or picking up wire cutters.

An Introduction to Antenna Modeling shows you step-by-step how to input antennas designs into MMANA-GAL, how to adapt designs you are given and how to optimize your designs for the best performance. You’ll learn how to model a whole host of antennas including dipoles, the G5RV, the W3DZZ trapped dipole, verticals, magnetic loop antennas and more.

CD-ROM included! This book is bundled with a CD-ROM, which is packed antenna modeling software, including MMANA-GAL, EZNEC, MININEC Pro and 4nec2. Over 30 Amateur Radio programs included!

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