Practical Antenna Handbook

Practical Antenna Handbook
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Artikelnummer: 639583
Titel: Practical Antenna Handbook
Författare: Bud Hippisley, W2RU
ISBN-13: 978-0-07163-958-3
Bokbinderi: Pocket
Förläggare: McGraw Hill
Sidantal: 767
Språk: Engelska
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The Definitive Antenna Reference—Fully Revised and Expanded!
by Joseph J. Carr and Bud Hippisley, W2RU

Design and build your own antennas with the help of this unique guide. Updated and revised to provide clear answers to questions frequently asked by hobbyists and electronics technicians, Practical Antenna Handbook blends theoretical concepts with hands-on experience—requiring only high school mathematics.
Reorganized to flow logically from broad physical principles to specific antenna design and construction techniques, the book begins by covering the fundamentals. Then the half-wave dipole is discussed both as an excellent antenna in its own right and as a conceptual tool for predicting the performance of other designs. Transmission line impedance matching techniques—and a companion Smith chart tutorial—lead into "must have" accessories for tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting antenna system performance. Other tools, such as antenna modeling software and network analyzer add-ons for PCs and Macs, are addressed, and concluding chapters offer fresh insights into support structures and installation techniques.

Antenna topics covered include:

  • Dipoles and inverted-Vs
  • Quads, delta, and NVIS loops
  • Wire arrays (bobtail curtain, half-square, rhombic)
  • Verticals and shunt-fed towers
  • Rotatable Yagi beams
  • MF/HF receiving antennas (flag, pennant, K9AY, Beverage)
  • Mobile and portable antennas
  • VHF/UHF/microwave antennas
  • ...and many more!

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