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Hands-On Radio Experiments Volume 1/2, ARRL
Ham Radio: Where Hands-On Lives On! These experiments, devised by H. Ward Silver, N0AX, first appea..
450,00 kr
Hands-On Radio Experiments Volume 2, ARRL
Ham Radio: Where Hands-On Lives On! QST’s monthly “Hands-On Radio” column, written by Ward Silver..
250,00 kr
Hands-On Radio Experiments Volume 3, ARRL
Ham Radio: Where Hands-On Lives On! Lifelong learners will welcome Volume 3 of ARRL’s Hands-On Radi..
300,00 kr
HF Antennas For All Locations
A thought-provoking book which has been a major contribution to the state of the art from an acknowl..
390,00 kr
HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio
Dipole Antennas You Can Build! ARRL’s HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio is a collection of 20 HF..
380,00 kr
Hints & Kinks for the Radio Amateur
Ideas for Any Shack! QST’s monthly Hints & Kinks column is one of the most popular sections of ..
300,00 kr
LF Today 3rd Edition
LF Today 3rd Edition Written by one of the leading LF experimenters, this third edition of LF Tod..
290,00 kr
Magnetic Loop Antennas IV Edition
Magnetic loop antenna is a popular subject in the Amateur Radio community. The book Magnetic Loop An..
590,00 kr
Marine Amateur Radio
Fast, Clear, Affordable Communications Ship-to-Ship or Ship-to-Shore! When you're miles offshore,..
220,00 kr
Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio
All the information you need to build fascinating projects using the Arduino, STM32 (“Blue Pill”), E..
520,00 kr
Nifty E-Z Guide to PSK31 Operation
A Complete PSK31 Operating Guide Learn how to setup your station for PSK operation. Using the ver..
180,00 kr
Operating Manual 12th Edition, ARRL
Everything for the Active Ham Radio Operator Talking to friends. Serving your community. Chasing DX..
370,00 kr
Portable Operating for Amateur Radio
Grab Your Gear and Head Outdoors! Amateur Radio stations traditionally have been associated with a ..
450,00 kr
Radio Amateur's Workshop, The
Make the Most of Your Home Workshop Amateur Radio operators have a long tradition of going beyond..
350,00 kr
Receiving Antennas for the Radio Amateur
Transmitting and receiving antennas have different jobs to do. Although the fundamental characteris..
490,00 kr
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