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Författare: Pierluigi Poggi, IW4BLG
Utgiven: 2015
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Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
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ISBN: 9781-9101-9307-5

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Amateur Radio Satellites Explained

Since the launch of Sputnik back in 1957 Radio Amateurs have been listening to artificial satellites orbiting above the Earth. A mere four years after the launch of Sputnik, Radio Amateurs put their own satellite into orbit, thus beginning a series of amateur satellite launches that continues over 50 years later with the CubeSat operations of today. Hamsat – Amateur Radio Satellites Explained sets out to give you details of what you need to know about Amateur Radio Satellite operation.

Hamsat – Amateur Radio Satellites Explained begins with the history of the OSCAR (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) programme which details the various incarnations from Oscar 1 in 1961 through to the present day. This book explains what is needed in an amateur radio ground station from the antenna through to the receiver. You will find rotator information for tracking the satellite, designs for pre-amplifiers and all manner of technical detail. There is a chapter dedicated to the ground station antennas, giving details of the performance of many commercially available systems and information on ‘The Endless Dilemma of Polarisation’. You will also find chapters dedicated to Ground-Space-Ground Propagation, the Doppler Effect, Keplerian Elements and much else too. There is information on suitable transceivers, software, recent developments in this exciting field plus much more.

For anyone interested in operating Amateur Radio satellites Hamsat – Amateur Radio Satellites Explained is the book to have. It provides a guide to the history through to what is possible with amateur radio dongles and much beside.


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