Getting started in EME

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Författare: Stephen Appleyard, G3PND and Philip Malme, G4PQP
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Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2019
Förlag: RSGB
Utgivare: RSGB
ISBN: 9781-9101-9369-3

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Earth – Moon – Earth Transmissions

Bouncing signals off the Moon has always been considered as one of the most difficult of the amateur radio disciplines. Traditionally Moonbounce as it is known was practised by amateurs who are the most accomplished engineers as well as operators but recent developments have now made it more accessible than ever before. Get started in EME sets out to explain what you need to know and how to get started in this captivating area of amateur radio operation.

Get started in EME sets out the history of Moonbounce, gives information on the various EME bands and the reasons for choosing them and then explains the EME signal path. It covers the unique propagation effects such as libration fading, Faraday rotation and spatial offset. Ground gain, Doppler shift and degradation are also covered. The book is practically based and focuses on EME at 144MHz (2m) and proposes, wherever possible, the use of equipment that is already owned, in order to reduce the cost of getting started in EME. This is particularly the case with antennas but you will also find coverage of transceivers, pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers. Again the emphasis is on the minimum possible requirement, utilising equipment that may already be in the shack. There is coverage of computers/interfaces, software and operation requirements and even your first EME contact! EME at 70cm is covered and there are glimpses where the newcomer to EME might move on to, when they find themselves bitten by the Moonbounce bug.

If you have never tried EME transmissions or are just interested in what it takes to make that first contact made by bouncing a signal off the Moon then Get started in EME will provide the ideal introduction.

“Stephen Appleyard and Philip Malme have done an excellent job with the EME book. It aims at the right level, achieving a good balance between completeness and accessibility. Perhaps most importantly, it makes EME appear as something that nearly any amateur radio enthusiast could achieve, with some dedication of time and effort.” /Joe Taylor, K1JT

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