The Paraset Radio

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Författare: AH6CY, Hiroki Kato
Antal sidor: 88
Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
Förlag: RSGB
Utgivare: RSGB
Utgiven 2020
ISBN: 9781-9101-9395-2

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The story of a WWII Spy-Radio and How to Build a Working Replica

By Hiroki Kato, AH6CY

This book describes the gripping story behind the Paraset – a unique spy-radio, dropped behind enemy lines in the dark days of WWII. This radio being both light weight and state of the art for the time was concealed in a suitcase, making ideal for use by the spies of SOE. This book describes how the Paraset was used, the technical specification and even how you might build your own replica.

Written by acknowledged Paraset enthusiast Hiroki Kato, AH6CY this book was inspired by the epic stories connected to this radio and is meticulously researched. These radios were first made in workshops in England at Whaddon Hall and then at Little Horwood, near Bletchley Park. Sadly, most were destroyed at the end of the war and today only a few original Parasets remain in museums and the hands of private collectors. However, inspired by the Paraset stories, radio amateurs across the world have been building working reproductions.

The Paraset Radio provides a history of this remarkable Morse code only radio that was low power (4-5W), had no meters or even an on/off switch. Hiroki relates how the SOE Agents used the radio in occupied Europe and how the radio was developed during the war. There are schematics of the design of the radio along with advice on how to build your own working example that can be used on amateur radio bands. There is also information on building a Paraset from one of the kits available. Hiroki even shares details of some of use he has put his own Paraset radio to on the amateur radio bands.

The Paraset Radio is a rare insight into a radio that provided vital spy communications in WWII. It may also provide the inspiration for you to build your own working Paraset radio, so that you can get a taste of wartime operating, but without the danger of a fatal ‘knock on the door’.

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