Handbook 2019 (Boxed Set), ARRL

Handbook 2019 (Boxed Set), ARRL
Mått: L: 210mm  x  B: 280mm  x  H: 85mm
Leverantör: ARRL
Artikelnummer: 950895
Titel: Handbook 2019 (Boxed Set), ARRL
ISBN-13: 978-1-62595-089-5
Bokbinderi: Pocket i box
Publiceringsdatum: 2018-10
Förläggare: Handbook 2019 (Boxed Set), ARRL
Sidantal: 1280
Språk: Engelska
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Pris: 930,00 kr
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For the first time, The ARRL Handbook has been divided into multiple volumes. All six volumes are included in a handsome, hard slipcase, for easy storage and access. Each volume is more manageable to read and browse.

You Get All 6 Volumes...

  • Volume 1: Introduction & Fundamental Theory
  • Volume 2: Practical Design & Principles PART 1
  • Volume 3: Practical Design & Principles PART 2
  • Volume 4: Antenna Systems & Radio Propagation
  • Volume 5: Equipment Construction & Station Accessories
  • Volume 6: Test Equipment, Troubleshooting, RFI & Index

Radio Experimentation, Discovery, and Achievement.

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications is a complete reference and guide to radio technology principles and practices. Since 1926, The ARRL Handbook has been a trustworthy source of introductory, applied, and theoretical information. Now in its 96th edition The Handbook continues to advance the pursuit of experimentation and innovation by radio amateurs and professionals. Each edition contains new and useful material to support Amateur Radio activity from the traditional short- and long-wave frequencies through microwaves!

Key Topics

  • Radio electronics theory and principles
  • Circuit design and equipment
  • Radio signal transmission and propagation
  • Digital and analog modulation and protocols
  • Antennas and transmission lines
  • Construction practices

Who reads The Handbook?
Amateur Radio operators, or “hams;” professional wireless communication engineers and system designers; electrical engineers; students and instructors of engineering, physics, and geoscience.

Always Updated! New Projects and Content

  • Simple SLA Float Charger project by John Boal, K9JEB
  • Amateur Radio Data Platforms by Paul Verhage, KD4STH and Bill Brown, WB8ELK
  • The latest information on WSJT-X digital modes by the WSJT team
  • Filter and circuit design software by Tonne Software and Jim Tonne, W4ENE
  • Low-Noise VHF and UHF Oscillators by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, and Ajay Poddar, AC2KG
  • Update on Solar Cycle 24 by Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA
  • Updated SSTV practices and technology by Larry Peterson, WA9TT
  • Designing dual-band loaded dipoles by David Birnbaum, K2LYV
  • Latest transceiver survey by Joel Hallas, W1ZR

Plus, new component tables, reference articles, material characteristics, and guidelines for SDR design.

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