Radio Propagation

Radio Propagation
Mått: L: 174mm  x  B: 240mm  x  H: 6mm
Leverantör: RSGB
Artikelnummer: 09976
Titel: Radio Propagation
Författare: Ian Poole, G3YWX
ISBN-13: 1-872309-97-6
Bokbinderi: Pocket
Publiceringsdatum: 2004
Förläggare: RSGB
Sidantal: 112
Språk: Engelska
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
Pris: 395,00 kr
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Radio propagation is a vital topic for any radio amateur or anyone with an interest in radio communications. This book provides a fascinating description of all the relevant information about radio propagation from HF to VHF, UHF and beyond. 

The book includes everything you need to know including radio waves and how they travel, the atmosphere, the Sun, ionospheric propagation (with the important modes and information), ionospheric storms and aurora, how to predict and assess ionospheric propagation, tropospheric propagation, meteor scatter, and space communications. You are also guided in making the most of the available equipment choosing the right time and radio band.

This book provides the reader with a practical understanding of Radio Propagation so that they can use them to their best. Radio Propagation - Practice and Principles is an essential read for anyone associated with radio communications.

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