Morse Code for Radio Amateurs 12th Edition (CD ingår)

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs 12th Edition (CD ingår)
Mått: L: 172mm  x  B: 240mm  x  H: 4mm
Artikelnummer: 193198
Titel: Morse Code for Radio Amateurs 12th Edition (CD ingår)
Författare: Roger Cooke, G3LDI
ISBN-13: 978-1-91019-319-8
Bokbinderi: Pocket
Förläggare: RSGB
Sidantal: 64
Språk: Engelska
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
Pris: 260,00 kr
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This newly expanded and updated 12th edition of Morse Code for Radio Amateurs is simply the 'book' for everyone who wants to learn all about Morse code and get the huge enjoyment that can be achieved from using it.

Published by the RSGB since 1947 Morse Code for Radio Amateurs has always been the standard for books covering Morse code and this edition is no exception. Written by Morse code enthusiast Roger Cooke, G3LDI this edition is a third bigger than its predecessor. As you would expect this book begins with a history of Morse code and moves to what it means to Radio Amateurs. There is advice that explains Morse code keys and how to choose your own. There is information of how to start learning the code, increasing your speed and guides to the software included that teaches you the code. There is even advice that discusses the correct way to use a straight 'pump' as well as modern keys and paddles. The book also provides guides to the abbreviations, prosigns and Q codes used in Morse code. There are helpful lists of resources available to those setting out learning the code from Beacons, Morse broadcasts, using computers and even operating in contests for when you are more proficient.

One of the outstanding features of this book is the special dual mode CD that is included. This provides more than an hour of audio recordings of Morse code at 5, 10, 15, and 21 words per minute. This provides the ideal opportunity to learn Morse code in the car or at leisure by playing it in any regular CD player. It doesn't however stop there as the CD also has a special computer readable section that contains a whole host of Morse software that teaches Morse, Morse Contesting and much more. The audio files are also included as MP3 files so they can be played on a PC or even downloaded to a portable player. The CD is also packed with bonus material such as additional articles and pictures and an array of web links.

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs provides everything you need to get started in Morse code apart from perhaps the Key itself. This remains the 'book' for anyone wanting to add Morse code to their skills.

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