Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation

Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation
Mått: L: 138mm  x  B: 206mm  x  H: 10mm
Leverantör: ARRL
Artikelnummer: 41988
Titel: Nifty E-Z Guide to D-STAR Operation
Författare: Bernie Lafreniere, N6FN
ISBN-13: 978-14421-4198-8
Bokbinderi: Pocket
Publiceringsdatum: 2014
Förläggare: ARRL
Sidantal: 150
Språk: Engelska
Lagerstatus: Finns i lager
Pris: 190,00 kr
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Experience the excitement of D-STAR!

Using easy to understand explanations and illustrations, this book is an ideal resource for discovering the full range of operating modes and opportunities available to D-STAR users. You'll learn the background information and radio programming procedures needed to route calls to remote repeaters and reflectors. Includes detailed how-to information for digital text messaging, file transfers and DV Dongle operation. A must-have for both beginning and experienced D-STAR users!

Now including programming information for IC-80AD and ID-880H transceivers, D*RATS section compatible with the new version of D*RATS software, ver 0.3x, DV Dongle section compatible with the new version of dongle DV Tool software, ver 2.0x and a list of error codes that can be returned from D-STAR repeaters.

  • Ideal reference for those getting into D-STAR
  • Straight forward and simple explanations
  • Written for both beginning & experienced D-STAR users
  • Routing calls using the D-STAR network
  • Local and remote repeater operation
  • Linking to D-STAR Reflectors
  • Using call sign memories to make calls
  • Programming radios for D-STAR operation
  • Making use of short text messaging
  • Text and data file transmissions
  • Using a computer and a DV dongle
  • Use a DVAP dongle when no repeater is available
  • Finding and accessing D-Star repeaters
  • Informative computer screen photos
  • Packed with useful information
  • Clear and easy to read

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