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HF Antennas for Everyone
The RSGB has always published the very best antenna designs available to the radio amateurs. From th..
210,00 kr
International Microwave Handbook - 2nd Edition
The microwave bands are a very popular part of the amateur radio spectrum. They provide the space to..
360,00 kr
LF Today 3rd Edition
LF Today 3rd Edition Written by one of the leading LF experimenters, this third edition of LF Tod..
290,00 kr
Mini Dxpeditions For Everyone
Many regard DXpeditions as complex events that may involve getting a shipping container of equipment..
310,00 kr
Practical Wire Antennas 2
410,00 kr
QRP Basics, 2nd Edition
This new second edition of QRP Basics has been thoroughly updated and continues to provide the ideal..
290,00 kr
Radio Auroras
Radio amateurs know that sunspots affect VHF as well as HF propagation, and the solar cycle has a di..
120,00 kr
Radio Nature
Radio signals are not, as is commonly thought, recent phenomena. Nature has spoken through radio sig..
320,00 kr
Radio Orienteering - The ARDF Handbook
Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) - also known as Radio Orienteering -..
190,00 kr
Radio Propagation Explained
Understanding radio propagation is essential for anyone with an interest in radio communications who..
240,00 kr
radiotoday guide to HF data on FT8 & PSK
Many radio amateurs who are finding the bands quiet are now turning to HF data on FT8 and PSK and fi..
220,00 kr
Restoring Old Radio Sets
For many there is nothing more charming than an old broadcast receiver glowing away in a substantial..
180,00 kr
RTTY/PSK31 for Radio Amateurs 2nd Edition
Data modes can seem overwhelming to newly licensed radio amateurs, but they don't have to be. RTTY a..
210,00 kr
Software Defined Radio
Everyone is talking about software defined radio (SDR) but is SDR right for you? Software Defined..
300,00 kr
Stealth Antennas 3rd Edition
Since it was first published Stealth Antennas has become the 'must have' antenna book for everyone w..
340,00 kr
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