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Amateur Radio Astronomy
Läs lite om denna bok i denna PDF-fil For everyone interested in radio astronomy Amateur Radio As..
440,00 kr
Amateur Radio Essentials
This is a book for everyone, beginner and old hand alike, who is interested in amateur radio. Amateu..
250,00 kr
Amateur Radio Operating Manual, The
The Radio Amateur Operating Manual, 8th Edition Despite what many believe amateur radio is a fast..
330,00 kr
Amsats And Hamsats
Amateur Radio and other Small Satellites This book is simply the most comprehensive guide availab..
360,00 kr
An Introduction to Antenna Modeling
Building antennas can be hard work. After you determine what you want to build, you have to source t..
200,00 kr
Antennas for VHF and Above
The VHF, UHF and microwave bands provide an exciting opportunity for experimentation with antennas. ..
290,00 kr
Antennas Mastered
Peter Dodd, G3LDO has long been acknowledged as one of the leading experts on antennas in the world...
300,00 kr
Backyard Antennas
Radio amateurs and short-wave listeners all want to achieve the very best from their HF and VHF equi..
370,00 kr
Computers in Amateur Radio 2nd Edition
For most, personal computers have become an essential tool in getting things done quicker, easier, q..
290,00 kr
Edgar Harrison
Soldier, Patriot and Ultra Wireless Operator to Winston Churchill Edgar Harrison had the most ext..
270,00 kr
Getting started in EME
Earth - Moon - Earth Transmissions Bouncing signals off the Moon has always been considered as on..
170,00 kr
Amateur Radio Satellites Explained Since the launch of Sputnik back in 1957 Radio Amateurs have b..
250,00 kr
HF Amateur Radio
The HF (or short wave) bands are one of the most interesting areas of amateur radio. Stations from a..
260,00 kr
HF Antenna Collection
An invaluable collection of outstanding articles and short pieces which were published in Radio Comm..
320,00 kr
HF Antennas For All Locations
A thought-provoking book which has been a major contribution to the state of the art from an acknowl..
390,00 kr
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