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125 Physics Projects for the Evil Genius
125 awesome physics experiments and discoveries from motion, light, sound, heat, astronomy, and elec..
250,00 kr
ABCs of Software Defined Radio; The
SDR Made Easy! Amateur Radio operators are finding themselves incorporating Software Defined Radio ..
200,00 kr
AC Power Interference Handbook
All About: POWER-LINE and ELECTRICAL INTERFERENCE with New insights into causes & effects, and l..
350,00 kr 300,00 kr
Amateur Radio Essentials
This is a book for everyone, beginner and old hand alike, who is interested in amateur radio. Amateu..
250,00 kr
Amateur Radio Transceiver Performance Testing
Understanding Transceiver Performance Data QST’s monthly “Product Review” column has long been th..
280,00 kr
Antenna Designer's Notebook, The ARRL
An Exploration of the Art of Antenna Design The ARRL Antenna Designer’s Notebook is certain to op..
350,00 kr
Antenna Modeling for Beginners
Modeling Made Easy! Over the last decade, computerized antenna modeling has advanced greatly –wit..
490,00 kr
Antenna Tuners, The ARRL Guide to
Antenna tuners are devices often misunderstood in the Amateur Radio world. While not every station r..
320,00 kr
Arduino Projects for Ham Radio, More
More Arduino Microcontroller Projects for Your Ham Radio Station! Building on the success of Ardu..
420,00 kr
Basic Radio
Understanding the Key Building Blocks FINALLY--an introduction to radio FOR EVERYONE!--what it do..
310,00 kr
Building Wireless Community Networks
In Building Wireless Community Networks, author and O'Reilly network administrator Rob Flickenger of..
390,00 kr 150,00 kr
Computers in Amateur Radio 2nd Edition
For most, personal computers have become an essential tool in getting things done quicker, easier, q..
290,00 kr
Experimental Methods in RF Design
Revised First Edition Completely updated by the authors, Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, Rick Campbell, KK..
595,00 kr
Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE
Where Ham Radio Meets Open-Source Electronics Microcontroller technology has exploded in populari..
390,00 kr
High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio
High Speed Multimedia for Amateur Radio Build a High Speed Amateur Radio Microwave Network Using c..
310,00 kr
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