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ABCs of Software Defined Radio; The
SDR Made Easy! Amateur Radio operators are finding themselves incorporating Software Defined Radio ..
200,00 kr
Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook, The, 2nd Edition
The fascination of taking a radio away from home and making contact with stations both near and far ..
290,00 kr
Amateur Radio on the Move
Get on the air from your car or RV, boat, airplane, motorcycle or backpack! Expert advice for radio..
280,00 kr
Amateur Radio Operating Manual, The
The Radio Amateur Operating Manual, 8th Edition Despite what many believe amateur radio is a fast..
330,00 kr
Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs
A Guide to Design, Installation and Construction With years of experience as a professional tower..
520,00 kr
Arduino Projects for Ham Radio, More
More Arduino Microcontroller Projects for Your Ham Radio Station! Building on the success of Ardu..
620,00 kr
Backyard Antennas
Radio amateurs and short-wave listeners all want to achieve the very best from their HF and VHF equi..
370,00 kr
Electronics Projects for Dummies
If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your radar. It helps you build fun gadgets and ga..
220,00 kr
Elimination of Electrical Noise, 2nd Edition
Electrical Noise is a problem for most radio amateurs today and many are forced off the radio bands ..
150,00 kr
Energy Choices for the Radio Amateur
320 Pages of Full Color Photos and Illustrations. Revolutionary changes are taking place in the w..
530,00 kr
Experimental Methods in RF Design
Revised First Edition Completely updated by the authors, Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, Rick Campbell, KK..
720,00 kr
Get on the Air with HF Digital
Explore Digital Radio Below 30 MHz The popularity of HF digital communications among Amateur Radio ..
290,00 kr
Get on the Air with HF Digital (2nd Edition)
Now Including Popular Modes FT8 and WSPR! The popularity of HF digital communications among Amateur..
300,00 kr
Getting started in EME
Earth - Moon - Earth Transmissions Bouncing signals off the Moon has always been considered as on..
170,00 kr
Handbook 2020 (Softcover), ARRL
In 1926, ARRL introduced the first edition of The Radio Amateur’s Handbook, written by F. E. Handy. ..
860,00 kr
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