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Amateur Radio Mobile Handbook, The, 2nd Edition
The fascination of taking a radio away from home and making contact with stations both near and far ..
290,00 kr
Antenna Book 24 Edition, The ARRL
The ARRL Antenna Book for Radio Communications is a single resource covering antenna the..
1.100,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 2, The ARRL
Covers a wide range of antenna types and related topics, including innovative verticals, an attic tr..
150,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 3, The ARRL
Quench your thirst for new antenna designs, from Allen's Log Periodic Loop Array to Zavrel's Triband..
140,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 4, The ARRL
More antennas--ideas and practical projects! Hams just love antennas. They love to read and write..
280,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 5, The ARRL
Enjoy excellent coverage of baluns, an HF beam from PVC, low-band Yagis, quads and verticals, curtai..
190,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 6, The ARRL
New projects and approaches for every antenna experimenter to explore! More all-new articles for ..
220,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 7, The ARRL
Antenna Compendium Volume 7 Hooray for antennas! This is the seventh in the very popular ARRL A..
260,00 kr
Antenna Compendium Volume 8, The ARRL
The Most Innovative Antenna Projects Yet! This is the eighth in the very popular ARRL Antenna Compe..
350,00 kr
Antennas for VHF and Above
The VHF, UHF and microwave bands provide an exciting opportunity for experimentation with antennas. ..
290,00 kr
Antennas Mastered
Peter Dodd, G3LDO has long been acknowledged as one of the leading experts on antennas in the world...
300,00 kr
Backyard Antennas
Radio amateurs and short-wave listeners all want to achieve the very best from their HF and VHF equi..
370,00 kr
HF Amateur Radio
The HF (or short wave) bands are one of the most interesting areas of amateur radio. Stations from a..
260,00 kr
HF Antenna Collection
An invaluable collection of outstanding articles and short pieces which were published in Radio Comm..
320,00 kr
HF Antennas For All Locations
A thought-provoking book which has been a major contribution to the state of the art from an acknowl..
390,00 kr
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