Transmitter Hunting

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Författare: By Joseph Moell, K0OV and Thomas Curlee, WB6UZZ.
Utgiven: 1987
Antal sidor: 326
Bindning: Pocket
Språk: Engelska
Förlag: ARRL
Utgivare: ARRL
ISBN: 978-0830627011

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Radio Direction Finding Simplified

All the information you need about equipment and techniques for HF and VHF radio direction finding. Transmitter Hunting is both practical and fun. Using the information in this book, you can not only locate jammers and other sources of malicious interference, but you can also locate downed aircraft, engage in sport hunting, even help search-and-rescue groups save lives!

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Vikt 588 g
Dimensioner 174 × 237 × 17 mm


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